A Great Cake by Tina Matthews

Tina Matthews

Walker Books Australia (2012)

ISBN: 9781921720062

Reviewed by Elinor Couper


Harvey is extremely keen to bake a cake. Each morning he suggests to his mother that they bake a cake only to find out from his mother that they do not have the right ingredients needed to bake a cake. Not to be deterred, Harvey gathers his own ingredients each day. One cake is great for lizards, another for butterflies and one is for snails. Finally, his father comes home with the right ingredients and a beautiful cake is made that is just right for sharing with friends.

This is a picture book well suited to pre-schoolers. The essential ingredients in this book are family, imaginative play and everyday family life. A Great Cake follows a repetitive structure, which will help young children to understand processes and instructional texts.

This book explores both the natural inclination of children to make their own plans for the day and their beautiful ability to be resourceful and incredibly imaginative. The last page contains the recipe to make a cake for sharing .

The book is illustrated with stencils and woodblock prints.

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