A Pterodactyl Stole My Homework by Nick Falk

Saurus STNick Falk & Tony Flowers (ill.)

Saurus Street #2

Random House Australia (2012)

ISBN 978 1 74275 656 1 

Reviewed by Pearl Maya

Saurus Street: A Pterodactyl Stole My Homework is the perfect book for young readers with a love of dinosaurs and adventure.

The writing is exciting and fast paced. There is a somewhat unlikely combination of the problem of the missing homework, a cranky teacher, a cool big brother, invisible ink, snores, a flying bicycle, eating bugs and a trip to a lost dinosaur world at the end of the street included in this fun, somewhat fantastical tale.

The illustrations are assisted by some creative typeset that add life and fun to the visual appearance of the book.

And (you might not want to tell a potential reader this part) it is a more than a bit educational about dinosaurs.

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