Australian Flags and Emblems by Karen Tayleur

9781742031095Karen Tayleur

Black Dog Books (2013)

ISBN: 978 1 742031 09 5

Reviewed by Pearl Maya

Who knew there was so much to the world of flags?

Australian Flags and Emblems is a great resource for both home and school and designed to appeal to children, as well as trivia buffs like myself (the study of flags is called vexillology for instance).

The book looks at the history of flags including heraldry and emblems with a strong focus on Australia (another piece of trivia: the animal to the left of a shield in a coat of arms is called the sinister, the one on the right, the dexter).

There is a brief history on the founding of each state as well as great pictures and explanations of its flag and crest. The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders flags are also featured (did you know the white shape on the Torres Strait Islander flag is called the dhari and represents the people of the Torres Straits) and other Australian flags are not forgotten.

This is a great book that could be used for history, art (it certainly left me wanting to design my own crest), trivia or just as a reference book. At just 32 pages long and with clear writing, great illustrations and an easy layout, it would be suitable for children with inquiring minds of all ages.

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