I Dare You by Aleesah Darlison

I dare youAleesah Darlison

Walker Books Australia (2012)

ISBN: 978 1 921977 51 0

Reviewed by Pearl Maya

Starting a new school can be difficult at the best of times but it is made even more so when you accidentally upset the school bully before you even make it to your first class.

Ben is trapped between parents preoccupied with settling into the city and their new jobs, looking after his kid brother Joey who is lovable but oh so embarrassing, making friends at his new school, trying to impress classmate Astrid and avoid school bully Marty and his dares. On top of that, he has been deprived of his beloved pushbike as his Mum is worried about the danger of riding on city streets.

I Dare You would be a great book for a confident reader and captures many of the moments that boys love including dreams of daring moments of glory, frogs and the joys of bike riding.

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