Maxx Rumble cricket: Rattled! by Michael Wagner

Wagner, Michael.

Illustrated by Terry Denton. 2nd ed.

Black Dog Books (2004)

Paperback, early chapter book, 48pp.

Harry “Happy” Mackay is the Sultan of Spin, the Sheik of Tweak, the Lord of Leggies! Will Maxx Rumble be able to ever hit the ball and bring the Stone Valley Saints cricket team home against the Princely Pigdogs in the first game of the season? This delightful early chapter book will appeal to both genders and even older readers, with players such as Clive Lara, I. Drew Nuffin, Jack “Lightning“ Strike and of course Maxx Rumble and his brother Rexx. Subtle humour abounds throughout the storyline, as well as the cartoon illustrations by Terry Denton. Even C. Gull and his mates feature in the visual narrative.

While this little book will appeal especially to boys, the humour has an adult edge that all ages will appreciate. The black and white illustrations do not bleed into the text which is large and clear for beginning readers. Additional information about the Stone Valley Saints Cricket Club and how to read a cricket ladder will also appeal to cricket loving readers. Recommended for beginning and developing readers.

Curriculum areas: sport, mathematics

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