Nanny Piggins: The daring rescue by RA Spratt

RA Spratt        

Random House Australia (2012)

ISBN: 9781742754970

276 p.

Age: mid–upper primary

Genre: Humorous adventure

Reviewed by Peta Harrison

A rollicking new addition to the saga of Nanny Piggins and her charges. Although a novel, each chapter stands alone as an adventure in its own right. This makes it a great read for those children who find the idea of reading such a thick book a bit overwhelming but still enjoy the comfort of familiar characters and an overarching story. I am sure that those children who enjoy the madcap adventures of Andy Griffiths and Paul Jennings will enjoy the almost hysterical action that takes place in this novel a joy – I find all that energy just a bit hard to take!

Nanny Piggins and her charges seem to take great joy in eating everything that is bad for them in great quantities. The children need to rescue Nanny Piggins from her excesses, but it is Nanny Piggins that saves the day in the end. The children’s very dull tax lawyer father is kidnapped and it is up to Nanny Piggins to rescue him in a series of madcap adventures.

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