Princess Betony and the Thunder Egg by Pamela Freeman

Princess BPamela Freeman & Tamsin Ainslie (ill.)

Walker Books Australia (2013)

ISBN: 978 1 921720 24 6 

Reviewed by Pearl Maya

Princess Betony and the Thunder Egg is a classic adventure with Betony, fiesty princess extraordinaire, off on a quest to bring peace between the Wild Magic and the kingdom of Floramonde.

It is the sort of book that almost has a fairy tale feel to it, maybe because is “just” a princess book – there nothing that is trendy or sparkly but everything that sustains a story over the generations. There is certainly a place for both styles of writing but while books like Unicorn Riders will find their readers, in five or ten years they will be forgotten and replaced by the current trend of those days. Meanwhile Princess Betony will still be sitting on bookshelves long after little girls become teens and they will be passed down to the next generation, or treasured and read to grandchildren. And each of those generations will become entranced with Princess Betony in the same way that readers today are.

Tamsin Ainslie’s illustrations are the perfect complement to Freeman’s storyline. Ainslie captures the characters and their emotions perfectly and adds to the moments of humor within the story. I particularly enjoyed watching the faces of the soldiers at various critical parts of the tale.

I highly recommend Princess Betony and being that the book is only small in size, there is room for it on any bookshelf, no matter how full you think it is.

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