Quinn’s Riddles by Aleesah Darlison

QuinnAleesah Darlison and Jill Brailsford (ill.)

Unicorn Riders

Walker Books Australia (2011)

ISBN: 978 1 921529 97 9 (pbk.)

Reviewed by Pearl Maya

Quinn’s Riddle was surely written the stereotypical tween girl in mind – it starts with the pink cover; the text overflows with unicorns, magic, bffs and an exclusive club; and the illustrations feature butterflies and flowers in addition to those illustrating the plot..

The story is a coming of age adventure with the ubiquitous happy ending and much trumpeting of the slogan “We Ride As One”.

For all of its lightness and fluff, there is a genuine readership for stories like this, just as there is a market for Barbie and fairy tales.

Quinn’s Riddle is a really easy read and, as the first of a series, offers interested readers the encouragement to continue reading.

The main characters express the insecurities of tweens and teens and these are resolved in a variety of ways – personal growth, support of friends, help from a mentor.  The riddles in the book are only able to be solved by Quinn which unfortunately does deprive the reader of the ability to share in the challenge of also solving them, as well as the satisfaction of finding the solution.

There are moments of humor throughout and these should appeal to both the younger reader and the adult if the book is being read aloud.

The illustrations complement the storyline well.

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