Shimmer by Jennifer McBride & Lynda Nixon

Shimmer.inddJennifer McBride & Lynda Nixon

Fremantle Press (2013)

ISBN: 978 1 922089 43 4 

Reviewed by Pearl Maya

Shimmer is a coming of age story in which our two protagonists, Kora and David, must each face their own battles, but cannot do it without the other.

Kora, or more correctly Empress Kora, is sent to Earth against her will for both her own protection from the evil Vennum and his war on her home of Gensia as well as to learn how to serve. David’s father is missing in action in Afghanistan and his mum has taken up with a most unsuitable replacement.

Kora is a genie, and David becomes her master. Together they face their trials separately and together.

McBride and Nixon seem to have been especially inspired by the 1960ss TV show I Dream of Jeannie when it comes to Kora’s  attire and furnishing of her globe but there the comparisons end. Whereas Jennie was constantly interfering in the lives of those around her, Kora is charged with “You cannot wish to harm or change any humans” and that applies equally to herself and David.

While Shimmer is obviously marketed towards girl readers I think there is enough in this story to keep boys, if not completely enthralled, at least a long way from bored.

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