The Extraordinary Mr Qwerty by Karla Strambini

qwertyKarla Strambini (author/illustrator)

Walker Books Australia (2013)

ISBN: 978 1 920720 70 3 (hbk.)

Reviewed by Pearl Maya

What an absolutely delightful picturebook! The story celebrates the joy of imagination and creativity and the illustrations support this perfectly.

While the story itself is short and simple, the accompanying pictures could amuse for an extended period of time while you search for little details, say a giraffe or a butterfly, or to count the number of buttons or any other number of games that an adult might invent for the reader. And these opportunities, while completely optional and not implied by the author in any way, only add to reinforce the theme of the book.

The Extraordinary Mr Qwerty could easily appeal to both girls and boys, especially those with ideas – whether artistically inclined, scientifically based or of an engineering nature

While its picturebook format is obviously designed to appeal to young readers, meeting and spending time with Mr Qwerty is something that would benefit most people, especially those who continue to keep their ideas under their hats.

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