The Gimlet Eye by James Roy

Quentaris: Quest of the Lost City #3 

James Roy

Ford Street Publishing (2009)

ISBN : 9781876462772

Reviewed by Elinor Couper

Quentaris is a magical sky-city which has been uprooted and is now floating through an uncharted rift-maze with the aide of giant sails. This is the second series of Quentaris books and The Gimlet Eye is the third book in this series.

The series follow the same set of characters in their adventures. Most notably, the protagonist – Tab Vidler, the orphan who can enter the minds of animals; her best friends, Philmon and Amelia; Fontagu Wizroth III, actor and scoundrel; Torby, the young boy rescued from the prisons of the rival city, Tolrush; and Captain Verris.

The Archon, who has ruled the city since the first set of books, dies. This brings about a great many changes and Quentaris is now under the rule of the Archon’s spoiled and power-hunger nephew Florian. Under his rule, Quentaris seems set on a course of piracy… Then, as Quentaris slips quietly through a vortex into the watery world of the Yarka, Tab Vidler and her friends suddenly realise they are the city’s only hope.

This is an action-packed fantasy filled with humour and adventure. The Quentaris series has been very popular with young readers and James Roy does not disappoint with his first foray into fantasy writing.

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