Today’s Theme: Surfing Novels

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A semi-regular addition to our WASLA Reviews content will be the compilation of various themes for books. This has been inspired by the regular requests on the various list servs for suggestions of what to suggest for avid readers who love a particular type of book, or style of book. Most of the lists you’ll find here come courtesy of the wonderful spirit of sharing and support demonstrated by library staff across Australia who respond to such pleas. These posts will be titled “Today’s Theme” and will be tagged that way as well, for easy searching.

Last week the request for surfing novels came through, so it seemed like a good place to start. Thank you to all who contributed suggestions.

BIRSE, Shelley    Blue Water High: the novel

BOBSIEN, Gerry    Surf Ache

BURKE, J.C.   Ocean Pearl

BURKE, J.C.   Starfish Sisters

BURKE, J.C.   White lies

CHASE, Diana    Surf’s up

DICKINSON, Steve    Jenna’s wave

EAGER, Kirsty    Night Beach

EAGER, Kirsty    Raw Blue

FLYNN, Pat    To the light

GARDNER, Scot    One Dead Seagull

GARDNER, Scot    White Ute Dreaming

GORDON, Michael    Layne Beachley: beneath the waves

GRANT, D.C.  In too deep

GRANT, Neil   Indo dreaming

GRANT, Neil    Rhino chasers

GRAVES, Sue    Deadly ocean

HARVEY, Paul   Surfer!

HYDE, Michael   The boogie board kid

HYDE, Michael    Surfing Goliath

KELLY, Laurene   Still waving

McLEAN, John    Deep inside : surfing stories

McLEAN, John    Down the line : more surfing stories

McLEAN, John    Island of the gods

McLEAN, John   Riding high : a novel

McLEAN, John    The golden few

PANCKRIDGE, Michael    Chasing the break

RUSSON, Penni    The Indigo Girls

THEBO, Mimi   Wipe out

TOPP, Aaron    Single fin


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