Saurus Street by Nick Falk

PlesiosaurNick Falk & Tony Flowers (ill.)      

Saurus Street 5: a plesiosaur broke my bathtub

Random House Australia (2013)

ISBN: 9780857981820 

Saurus Street 6: a diplodocus trampled my tepee 

ISBN: 9780857981844

Random House Australia (2013)

Reviewed by Peta Harrison

These two books are sure to appeal to the younger reader as they take the normal life events of the child and add the element of fantasy. Dinosaurs and adventure can be found aplenty. The language is exciting to read and certainly descriptive. The illustrations are appealing. The only issue I have with the layout is the emphasis put on individual words throughout the books. I can’t work out if they have been selected for any particular reason – some are verbs, some adjectives. Maybe they are just there to jazz up the text. Grown-up design concerns aside, I am sure this series will be a hit with the reader.

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