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Literature to support general capabilities




Literature to support General Capabilities by Fran Knight and Pat Pledger
Pledger Consulting, 2013, pbk. ISBN 9781876678395. Price $38.50 (incl.
Annotated lists for the General Capabilities with an emphasis on
Personal and Social Capability, Ethical Behaviour and Intercultural


Pledger Consulting, 2011. ISBN: 978 1 876678258.
Highly recommended.

This brilliant resource is a must for every school library. As stated in the title, it contains clearly set out lists of titles under the themes of Asia, Sustainability, Indigenous literature and Poetry as well as providing suggestions for class texts and titles to read aloud. With a focus on the various age groups, Knight sorts titles to fit entry level to Year 3, Years 4 to 7 and Years 7 to 10. A precis for each title is provided to enable one to get a feel for the book without having to search the shelves and databases. Particularly for teacher librarians who are regularly bombarded with requests for titles which may fit a theme or subject area, this will make life considerably easier. Alongside Pat Pledger and Fran Knight’s other titles, Flash Fiction, Historical Fiction and Values Fiction, this title would be a support for any teacher or teacher librarian wishing to truly immerse students in quality literature. Their previous publications are still relevant and easy to add new titles to as they are released.

Having read many of Fran’s reviews, it is obvious that she is a prodigious reader and I value her opinions on the many titles included in this publication. I now eagerly await a similar title to suggest texts for each subject within the National Curriculum, particularly for use alongside the specific history topics. Whilst I appreciate the networking of colleagues on such lists as OZTL, as we collaborate to find titles to suit a theme, it will be an asset to have good solid lists in place as a first resort. A highly recommended title!
Jo Schenkel

Learning For The Future

Learning for the Future
Developing Information Services in Australian schools, Second Edition

ISBN: 1-863-66710-5

  • Provides strategies for effectively implementing information and communication technologies (ICTs) in the school’s learning environment.
  • Discusses the increasingly significant role of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in the school’s learning environment.
  • Positions the role of information service centres/libraries in the context of the school as structured around the five domains: learners and learning; teachers and teaching; resourcing the curriculum; facilitating access to information; developing the physical environment.

The Connected Library

The Connected Library:
A handbook for engaging users
by Suzette Boyd

ISBN: 0-646-46138-9

In recent times librarians in schools have come to be considered technology experts, curriculum leaders, literature gurus, web masters and providers of on-line information and professional development. They are also expected to be human dynamos, with energy to burn, to have a huge capacity to absorb new information, to have the imagination to deliver exciting new programs, whilst at the same time having the ability to maintain an efficient and relevant library service. Suzette Boyd believes this is probably still not enough and that the level of engagement with users is the real measure of success!

In The Connected Library Suzette Boyd points the way to:

  • Building connections and trust with students,
  • Communicating with and enlisting the support of all users,
  • Being positive, upbeat and enthusiastic,
  • Marketing and promoting the library through an extraordinary array of ideas and activities,
  • Influencing the Principal,
  • Becoming the cultural and educational hub of the school.