Decolonising Your Library

This page contains a collection of resources for those who are starting or currently working through the process of decolonising their collection.

1. How an old book created a commitment to better represent First Nations Australians

With thanks to Dale Robertson who co-authored an article with Kerry Klimm that appeared in the SCIS Connections magazine, she has kindly shared her spreadsheet which provides details on the texts that were excluded from her school library collection. This spreadsheet has been added to by other library staff from across Australia.

The spreadsheet has been amended to include a second sheet to add items that you have evaluated to be suitable and will remain in your collection. WASLA would be very interested in maintaining an up-to-date list of items that library staff assess during the decolonising process. Please send an updated copy of the above excel spreadsheet to <>

Spreadsheet updated 27 February 2024

Original spreadsheet is available here

2. SCIS Blog

Great general information on some steps to follow when considering beginning to decolonise your collection.

3. AIATSIS Guide to Evaluating and Selecting Education Resources

In October 2022 AIATSIS published the Guide to evaluating and selecting education resources (the Guide). The Guide assists non-Indigenous educators, and others to critically self-reflect on history and the effects that this has on pedagogical practises today. 

A copy of the guide can be found here.


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