Walker Books

Dr Carla Litchfield Walker Books Australia (2012) ISBN: 9781742031460 Reviewed by Bernadette Nye Hands up if you want to save orangutans! Dr Carla Litchfield’s book Saving Orangutans is 32 pages of beautiful glossy colour photographs and descriptive information about our tree dwelling simian friends. While the book is aimed at primary school children, […]

Saving Orangutans by Dr Carla Litchfield

Karla Strambini (author/illustrator) Walker Books Australia (2013) ISBN: 978 1 920720 70 3 (hbk.) Reviewed by Pearl Maya What an absolutely delightful picturebook! The story celebrates the joy of imagination and creativity and the illustrations support this perfectly. While the story itself is short and simple, the accompanying pictures could […]

The Extraordinary Mr Qwerty by Karla Strambini