Q: We are currently investigating the use of e readers and e books in our English department as we are coming across problems with books being out of print but available in e book format. Do you have e readers in your school? If so what type? How do you download the books? Is it one book per device? Do these devices go home or stay in the class?

ANSWER: Tehani Wessely via WASLANet eReaders and eBooks for Departments

Q: How do I weed a library collection?

ANSWER: Weeding Brochure – California Department of Education

Q: Where can I find paper bags with handles?




Spotlight; Marvic Packaging

Bunzl – 346 Newcastle Street, North Bridge WA 6003

PO Box 454, North Perth WA 6006

Tel: (08) 9328 4200  Fax: (08) 9227 7461


Q: I need some reading suggestions for Year 10 reluctant male readers.

ANSWER: Reading Suggestions for Year 10 Male Reluctant Readers


Q: Where can I find a list of books that tell West Australian stories and could be useful for the history curriculum?

ANSWER: History resources


Q: Can anyone suggest any interactive and motivating products to encourage students to use the library?  I’m also looking at making the library bright and colourful as well as interactive.

ANSWER: Enticing Students Into the Library


Q: Where can I purchase medals for Reading Olympics?

ANSWER: Excel trophies


Q: I’m looking for Christian fiction suggestions.

ANSWER: Christian fiction list and suppliers


Q: How can I legally manage iPad apps in a school?

ANSWER: “In Australia we currently have to set up an individual apple Id for each iPad. We then download apps on to each device. Some schools loan the iPads to the students and give each student a voucher. The students then download the apps at home.” Dr Jenny Lane (Senior Lecturer, School of Education, Edith Cowan University)


Q: Can you suggest some persuasive writing resources?

ANSWER: Links on LCGS Learning Hub


Q: Where can I send weeded books?

ANSWER: Destinations for Weeded Books


Q: How can I reconfigure my library for 1-to-1 laptop use?

ANSWER: Gary Green via watlnet


Q: Where can I buy books for prizes?


Planet Books in Mt Lawley is fantastic, with a great range; Mill Point Book Caffe; Westbooks; Education World; The Well in Applecross and Subiaco; Boffins in Hay St; The Lane Bookshop in Claremont.


Q: Where can I find world flags bunting?


The flag bunting was from “FLAGS FANTASTIC”   www.flagsfantastic.com.au and last year in June they were $148 plus postage $12.50


Q: (from a Library Officer)  re Library Monitors

I would like to initiate a library monitor program this year. I don’t have a lot of ideas as to how I start this. Does anyone have any ideas that I can use? I propose to offer it to yrs. 5,6,7 and try to get them to help, promote and enthuse other students. Will this work? or is is a waste of time? Having no TL I am finding the role of the library has gone down to the bottom of the schools priorities and I would like to get it moving.