February is…

Library Lovers’ Day – February 14 as part of “Love of Reading” month (February)

Culminating in WASLA Professional Development “Takeaways for the Mind – Reading for Recreation”

WASLA invites contributions of photos and activity descriptions of WA school libraries for inclusion in the inaugural IC3 journal. Send your contributions to editormum75@gmail.com .


Ideas to get the creative juices flowing

Reading quiz – try love heart chocolates as prizes (quiz attached, compiled by Brenda Clover)

Library Lovers Quiz                       Library Lovers Quiz – Answers


Create a Wordsearch, Criss-Cross or other puzzle using great book/reading words!


Create Wordle colouring pages including words about books and that reflect reading enjoyment.

Make a genuine teaching experience of it by utlising this idea from Barbara Combes:

What words would they use to make the Wordle? Try pair to pair work first and then a class brainstorm of meanings of words (vocabulary training at the same time).

You might also consider creating a Wordle that uses slang words (eg. slang word ‘wicked’). Put this in the middle and the create other wordles that explain the slang (real meanings), and create a sort of octopus display for “I love reading” but with lots more legs, Then get the kids to think of novels that might fit the words best and create reading lists. This would make a great display, has literacy outcomes galore and would be great fun for all involved.

It also makes it clear that what you are doing in the library is all about teaching and expanding literacy skills development. This particular example is probably one for the older kids, but it can be adapted for littlies too, perhaps using pictures instead of words.


Make a book trailer of your favourite books to play in the library and/or get the students to make their own!


Design posters to showcase the most read books in the library – books borrowers love!

I Love Reading Poster                   I Love Reading Poster (PDF)


Decorate the library with large hearts decorated by students and labelled with details about what they are currently reading, or their favourite author, genre or book.


Create bookmarks to mark the day!             Bookmarks              Bookmarks (PDF)


Find more great ideas from ALIA here: http://www.librarylovers.org.au/